Private Coaching, Business Strategy and Astrological Guidance for Successful, Soulful Entrepreneurs and Leaders

You’re ready for Abundance with a capital “A”.  You can feel it right on the other side of . . . something you can’t name. Financial abundance, yes – but also the ease, flow, spacious time freedom, and the lit up joy that comes with achieving your dreams in a soulful way.

The last thing you want (or deserve) is to waste precious time throwing spaghetti on the wall and DIYing your way through trial-and-error.

What you do deserve is the SPARK back in your VISION to help you feel joyful and passionate again in your life, your business, your career in a soul-led, soul-aligned way.

Private coaching with me is an unstoppable combination of strategy, mindset coaching and astrological guidance with the most personalized, individualized support out there.

Ready for the Highest Level Support?

“My old wounds and fear of rejection were keeping me hostage from offering up all of my God given gifts and how I was holding myself back. But, now I know how to work with this energy rather than it crushing me and for that I am grateful that this came up to catapult me into my next level of personal and spiritual growth.”
Vaughn Pierro, Soul Alchemist

Why Coaching and Astrology?

Strategy gets you there:

Sometimes, you just need solid, concrete answers to the big questions like, “What IS my purpose?” and “Is this the right time?”. Work with a coach and strategist who can show you what and how to implement what you learn.

Completely Personalized:

Nothing is more personal than the day you were born- or the day your business was birthed – paired with a practitioner who can show you how to harness the power of your birthright. Cookie-cutter will not get you to your next level. Exquisite attention will.

Mindset Rewiring:

Rewrite the subconscious beliefs and thoughts that have created your plateau so you can finally reach a breathtaking new view. Reprogram the loops that keep you coming back to the same place and break through the mindset ceiling.

Expert Guidance:

Partner with a world-class coach and deeply-trained business and natal astrologer for guidance and support beyond anything you’ve experienced. Leave behind the online astrology and finally understand the whole picture.

Total truth:

In a space of complete trust and compassion, you’ll experience no-holds-barred coaching that serves your highest self. Partner with a coach who will always tell you the truth, even the hard ones.

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“Barbara gave me such a fresh, new perspective on the possibilities around understanding my personal astrology, and quite frankly the world”
Celia Arias, CEO Celia Arias Consulting

Your Future Starts Now.

The next step in making your vision manifest into reality is to book a complimentary, 60- minute Prosperity Alignment Session with me.

Please be prepared to confidentially submit your birth information when you book the session so that you get the most value from our time together. I do prepare for each call to be individualized and personalized.

This is your opportunity to speak your desires into reality, and receive insights based on your unique, one-of-a-kind makeup. From there, we will figure out a course of action tailored to your needs.

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