Hi, I’m Barbara!
I Lead Women Through the Clearest, Most Direct Path to Their Next-Level Purpose, Prosperity, and Limitless Success.

“I had spent many years living in my shadow with no awareness of what I was actually allowing in my life. My first meeting with Barbara went soul deep. The self-discovery and realization was life-altering.  For the first time in a long time, I felt seen and heard. Barbara supported and guided me through this unique life-transformational experience”
Ashley Umar, Wellness Advocate


You’re a brilliant woman who has reached a point in her life where you know there is more for you. You’re ambitious & powerful.

  • You’ve been feeling restless or unfulfilled on a personal and/or professional level and searching for more meaning, purpose and clarity on the best path forward.
  • You’ve reached high levels of success and recognition, and you want to feel more joyful and passionate every day.
  • You’ve lost sight of the vision for your own life following a path based on other’s expectations in your role as a leader, entrepreneur, spouse and parent.

The life you’re living now is only a fraction of what you are capable of, and you’re willing to put in the work to get there your way. But how?

I was once in your shoes, and this is the story of my journey to living the most aligned, purposeful life possible.

…..And Me

I Thought I Did Everything “Right” to Achieve Prosperity and Fulfillment.

Like many high achieving women, I followed the traditional path to “success” by going to a good school, getting married, and climbing the corporate ladder as an expert in sales and marketing. Material reward came early in my career. A growing family followed when I had my twins at age 37.

I hit a plateau in my 40’s when I realized that my life on the outside looked and felt very different on the inside. I was lost in the roles I fulfilled as a wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend.

I had reached external measures of success, yet still searched for happiness from within myself.

The Conflict Between My Personal Values and the Life I was Living Became Irreconcilable.

I Felt my Soul Calling Out that I was Meant to Do More, Be More, Create More of an Impact. So I Did Something Few Women Would Dare to Do.

I may never know exactly what it was about me that made me take this next wild step – but I know that many of the women I work with share a similar temperament – we will find a way, or make one.

Maybe because I grew up a resourceful Gen X kid, where we all rolled around in the back of the station wagon with no seatbelts, and played outdoors with absolutely zero parental supervision.

Maybe because I grew up in Brooklyn cruising up and down the boulevard in my red Camaro with the t-tops off, blaring freestyle music with total freedom and not caring what anyone thought.

Maybe the call of my soul was so loud, I couldn’t ignore it.

What I Do Know is Something in Me was Courageous, Curious, and Unfulfilled Enough to Leave a Lucrative Career – Without a Plan or a Safety Net.

With my moon in the sign of Sagittarius, I have a deep need for adventure.

My next journey would take me inward.

I heard my soul speaking to me – I didn’t know exactly where I was going but I had blind faith I would figure it out. After leaving my corporate career, I enrolled in a certified professional coaching program searching for meaningful work.

By the time the 2020 pandemic hit, I was facing life-altering changes and knew the trajectory of my life over the next year was going to change dramatically.

After personally experiencing my own vision manifesting into reality using the principles of Neuro Identity Evolution™, I became a certified practitioner of this work and incorporated it into my coaching practice.

During this time, I also connected with an astrologer for a birth chart reading which was a life-changing experience! It helped me tune into my soul’s purpose and better navigate this new journey ahead.

Astrology became such a pivotal practice for me that I decided to obtain certification in a top business astrology program – combined with my experience in sales and marketing, my business strategy work with clients is second to none.

Today, I Combine World-Class Coaching with In-Depth Personal Astrology to Guide Visionary Women to the Prosperity and Abundance they Deserve.

Today, my Life and Business is FUN. Fulfilling. Magical.

In my spare time, I pursue the activities that bring me the greatest joy. Although I have left my disco roller skating days behind me, I love focusing on my fitness, ballroom dancing, spending time with my twin sons, and as always, diving deeper and deeper into the wisdom of astrology.

Your Destiny is Waiting.

Astrology is So Much More than “What’s Your Sign?” 

Astrology is Your Compass and Your Natal Chart is Your Blueprint.

I have a Cancer Sun which means I am nurturing, protective and sensitive.

I am a supportive friend, partner and colleague. I love to nurture and care deeply for others.

I thrive when I’m emotionally engaged in those relationships.

I am very intuitive and a natural healer in supporting my own needs and those of others.

My Moon is in Sagittarius which means that I have a need for adventure, truth seeking and wisdom.

I am a visionary, optimistic and enthusiastic.

I nurture myself in the search for meaning in my life’s journey and soul purpose.

My Ascendant (Rising Sign) is Scorpio which means people see me as passionate, intense and mysterious. Once they get beyond my “shell” they find a loyal person who’s very in tune with her emotions.

Others are attracted to my independence, confidence and commitment in giving my all in everything I do.

Are You Ready To Discover The Promise You Were Meant to Fulfill?

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“Everything Barbara showed me was such a lightbulb to how I’ve navigated things in my life. I always just thought I was a Capricorn, which I never felt connected to. But once she explained my personal birth chart placements, the lightbulb came on.
Staci Bennett, Personal Chef and Holy Fire Reiki Master

About Barbara

Barbara is a visionary business strategist, coach and astrologer who leads soulful entrepreneurs and leaders through the clearest, most direct path to their next-level purpose and prosperity on their own terms.

When Barbara heard the call to make a greater impact on the world, she left a 25-year successful career as a sales and marketing executive to pursue the entrepreneurial path as a certified professional coach.

Her unique approach helps her clients to realize their greatest potential by applying business strategy, practical mindset coaching, and monetizing the gifts and talents they were born to share and gain recognition for.

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