Barbara Alexander

Business Strategist, Coach and Astrologer for Visionary, Soulful Entrepreneurs and Leaders

Barbara began her entrepreneurial journey in 2013 after a successful 25 year career as a Corporate sales and marketing executive. She reached a plateau in her career when her personal values were in conflict with the life she felt she was meant to live.

She had an inner knowing that there was more for her to contribute to the world than what she had already accomplished. It was through her own personal transformation that she discovered her path to purpose and prosperity. 

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Explore My Clients’ Amazing Results

I was invited to contribute a chapter to the Amazon best-selling anthology, “How to Break the Glass Ceiling – and Still Keep It Nice”. In my chapter, you’ll learn how harnessing personal astrology and connecting to the cosmos have impacted my clients in ways they couldn’t even imagine.

You’ll meet Kim, Sheila, and Anna – a CEO, a leader in a major pharmaceutical company, and a leader in a large medical practice. They are visionary, powerful women who had fulfilled society’s expectations and were no longer aligned with the life they were living. 

They desired more purpose, prosperity, fulfillment, and wanted the most direct path to get there. You’ll journey with them through their dance with aligning with astrology to create limitless success, and beyond!

Joy, Fulfillment, and Abundance Are Your Birthright.


Come Home to the Power Within You

Listen and learn how you can come home to the power within you.

The true power in reaching your next level of success lies in coming home to yourself. It’s knowing who you are, the gifts you have been given to share, the purpose you are meant to live and in the fullest expression of your authentic self.

Aligning to your natal promise is one of the most direct ways to reach your highest potential with clarity, confidence and courage.  You were born to be you – and no one else knows how to be you besides you.

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